Work / Kyle Michel
Welcome to my portfolio. I work in a myriad of different fields. Because my focus lies within the intersection of design, technology, and business, most of my portfoio pieces integrate skills from all three. The following pieces are academic, professional, and personal projects.
01 -
Some were created for personal projects, while others were commissioned by various companies.
Commercial / 2016
Commercial / 2016
Line thought factory COMPANY LOGO
Personal / 2018
Xenova Digital COMPANY LOGO
Personal / 2013
Explore Pop-up COMPANY LOGO
Commerical / 2017
Commerical / 2016
02 -
While at MIT's Lauch program, I created an app called Swap which enables two people to instantly connect over multiple social media platforms through the scan of a QR code, bluetooth, or by simply entering a unique handle.

I developed the app with Swift, designed the UI (pictured to the right), and pitched the app to investors. The app is currently on the app store under "Swap: Instant Connection."
03 -
Muse Concept
Muse is the Pinterest of artist-driven eCommerce platforms. It allows users to create online boards and personas based on their visual interests, but instead of “pinning” images, users may favorite products and artists/creators that they like. Muse will then customize the user’s product feed based on what they view, like, and ultimately, buy. It allows customers to easily discover unique, artist-created clothing, merchandise, furniture, posters, tapestries, crafts, etc. that’s curated to their taste.
During a branding study project, I was tasked to create a new brand based off of branding faults/gaps that existed in similar companies. To the right is the culmination of of my study into competing platforms that I intended to improve upon.
To the right, you'll find the goals I attempted to accomplish while creating and designing the Muse platofrm (with my competing brand research in mind).
UI Analysis
In order to accomplish the goals I set forth, I had to create a UI that was functional, intuitive, and ultimately differentiated from the UIs of the other platforms.
Final UI
In order to accomplish the goals I set forth, I had to create a UI that was functional, intuitive, and ultimately differentiated from the UIs of the other platforms.
04 -
Modern Fan
When tasked to create a 3D model that demonstrated my ability to apply textures and render accurately, I created this model of a modern fan.
I began the industrial design project with the goal of creating a piece of home decor that was mid-century modern, smooth, and functional. To the left, you can see the .obj of the bare model, before any textures, colors, or scenes were applied. I designed the model in Autodesk Maya.
Here's a look inside the UI of Maya where I created the fan. After modeling the fan, I set up a scene composed of several lights (red spots), cameras, and globe backgrounds (green lines). At this point, all that was left to do was apply textures and render.
After adding lighting components and styling the colors, textures, and properties of the fan and surrounding items, I rendered the scene from a few different angles.
05 -
Last year, I worked with ElevatedGRP, a marketing agency based out of San Diego, to recreate websites for a number of restaurants and businesses located in the San Diego area.
In 2017, I designed this website for Pokirrito, a San Diego fast casual service concept from Chef Owner Junya Watanabe of award winning RakiRaki Ramen. In particular, I attempted to convey a modern, bold, an inviting theme throughout the website. Colors, images, and typefaces had to mirror the originality of Pokirrito's dishes.
Bushfire Kitchen
In 2017, I created this website for Bushfire Kitchen, a local family owned and operated restaurant whose mission is to provide meals using top of shelf ingredients at an affordable price to local neighborhoods. While the site has a modern aesthetic, certain components, wood-grain images, and serif typefaces allowed me to convey the rustic nature of the Kitchen.
Roma Express
In 2017, I designed this website for Roma Express, an italian restaurant born from passion and desire to share thier favorite family traditions with customers. I approached this project from a minimalist perspective, dropping the clutter than many similar sites boast and stripping the restaurant to its core elements: great, simple food and radiant Italian colors.
In 2017, I created a large website for Whisknladle, a family of restaurants that take a back to basics approach to cooking to deliver elevated comfort food that satiates the senses. Because, in this case, I was working with with a multi-restaurant brand, I had to focus on conveying the strong sense of community through traditional design elements, faded colors, and by incoroporating plenty of pictures that showcase smiling customers.
06 -
Recently, I began designing surrealist, social commentary, and flat out cool t-shirt and apparel concepts, all portrayed solely through (mostly) white lines. I call the initiative "Line Thought Factory."
Grow Up
Augmented Reality
Bitcoin Bubble
Adam & Eve
07 -
I created and grew a digital media agency that managed all aspects of some of the world's most prominent YouTube channels. At peak, my network partnered 350 international creators garnering more than 35 million monthly impressions.
Business Report
To the right, you'll find a neatly organized summation of all aspects regarding the creation, management, and termination of my digital media company.